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you have with UniAC[2]

We take safety & security to a higher level

The fulfillment of highest safety levels (SIL4) for track vaccancy systems are understood as industry standard nowadays.

During the development of UniAC[2] voestalpine decided to go one step further and include as well cybersecurity measures (authentication, authorization, integrity, cryptography) that would address the identified vulnerabilities & threats in the newly developed Axle Counting System UniAC[2].

attack surface

Physical and functional interfaces that can be accessed and exposed to potential attack are minimized. With dominant use of embedded firmware and legacy hardware (no COTS and OS in safety and security area) UniAC[2] is flexible with network segmentation and access control.

in depth

Multiple layers security mechanism of security and detection. Implement of good security practices in Layer 2 (hardware) and Layer 7 (application software). Additionally, usage of layer 3 protection (firewall) with separation of connected networks is possible.

by design

Implemented based on extensive separation of safety and security functions.

Existing Solutions

Upgrade your Track Vaccancy Solution to ensure greatest performance and safety

We will support you in finding
the easiest way of integration

  • Much higher reliability than in track circuits, resulting from the lack of connection with rails (resistant to lightning damage)
  • Axle Counters are proved more reliable than track circuits (over 5 – 6 times, based on long time monitoring)
  • Resistant to poor ballast and track conditions
  • Resistant to climatic influence (track circuits are not reliable in wet conditions)
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Possibility of building long distance sections and more turnouts within one section
  • More information for other systems
    (speed, number of axles, …)
  • Application of Axle Counter is much cheaper than track circuits

All of this in the easiest possible way due to highly flexible and configurable interfaces.

Depending on your existing signaling system we support you in finding the easiest way of integrating our Axle Counting System UniAC[2] into your application. Together we ensure that an existing and working signaling system can remain installed and you can limit your investments, without making compromises in regard to safety or performance of the track vaccancy technology used.

The Axle Counting System will be customized and adapted to your local requirements through the flexibility of UniAC[2]. However, all of this will not influence the safety, as we have made sure and also proved through the SIL4 assessment of TÜV SÜD in Braunschweig that all of our delivered configurations will reach the requested safety levels.
Finally, all of this will be supported by delivering a full set of documents including electrical wiring diagrams, making it easy for you to adapt the existing application.

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New Solutions

We are your partner for developing signaling solutions meeting the needs of your clients

Each new application is customized to your requirements thanks to:

  • Highest reliability (5-6 times higher than with track circuits)
  • No problems with poor ballast and track conditions
  • Working in nearly every environmental condition
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Clear cost savings in comparison to track circuits
  • Possibility of controlling long and complex track sections

Axle Counting System UniAC[2]
offers a holistic approach


From design aspects (e.g. color of the delivered cabinet) up to customized protocol integration everything is possible


Reduced single points of failure.
Hot redundancy in communication.
Hot swappable power-supply and AXM Multipurpose Modules.

Self-Correcting Algorithms

Our Master Reset functionality enables you to increase the availability of the system without human intervention

Powerful diagnostics

Already built in and considered as a basic function of the UniAC[2] Axle Counting System

Railway Systems Academy

Trainings for your team adapted to your needs

Full Service Provider

From Planning till Maintenance supporting documentation will be provided

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