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Welcome to Campus Sopot!

Campus Sopot is a team of people who will help you learn and understand the world of voestalpine Signaling Poland solutions.  Our mission is to present complex issues in a simple and accessible way. We are here to give you the chance to find out. You are welcome!

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ul. Jana z Kolna 26C
81-859 Sopot, Poland
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Maciej Słojewski
T. +48 58 555 77 30
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Training and content library

Before we start imparting knowledge, we try to understand what your needs are. We offer training provided by experienced staff, at a convenient time and scope.  We recommend training that replicates as faithfully as possible the real working and operating conditions of our solutions. At your convenience, you can return to the materials and content we provide in our library.

Interesting trainings at Campus Sopot

Interesting trainings at Campus Sopot

Training Information

We organize training courses and tailor their scope, topics, staff and duration to your needs. Below are sample training scopes.

Training for trainers

A type of training that allows you to pass on the competences you have acquired to the next people in your organisation. This form of training combines theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge, providing participants with knowledge of the entire product life cycle, in particular installation, operation and maintenance.


Diagnostics and monitoring

We will introduce you to the working environment of our solutions and prepare you for the role of diagnostician. We have a range of technical solutions that enrich the possibilities for modern diagnostics. Starting from your objectives, we will show you the solutions and the means to achieve them.


Installer / equipment technician

Learn how to install, operate and maintain our equipment. How to identify a fault and how to repair it with the knowledge, tools and spare parts learned in this training.

Tailor-made trainings

We offer customized courses for your individual needs. Both course content and course agenda can be adapted and linked to your requirements.

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Campus Sopot

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