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It is the skills of personnel which ensures maximized safety, track availability and live expectancy – while reducing life-cycle cost to a minimum. As manufacturer of turnout systems technology over 150 years, naturally, voestalpine Railway Systems companies have the deepest comprehensive knowledge of how to efficiently operate and maintain turnout and trackwork installations. Solid practical and comprehensive training modules provide the required knowledge to quickly turn employees into competent performers.

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Olga Graf
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Experience the benefits of latest innovated technology, learn more about ways to further enhance the safety and availability as well as reduce maintenance cost for MRT and TRAMWAY applications. We have assembled a lineup of excellent speakers who will present you various case studies and best practice approaches:

  • Case study of Unistar HR point machine and benefits to MRT turnouts in China
  • Practical training of Unistar HR in track
  • Case study of CSV24 point machine and benefits for modern tramway
  • Technical introduction of axle counter system UniAC[2] – the newest innovation of voestalpine
  • Integration of asset monitoring FIAM and predictive maintenance vision


Our goal is to transfer skills, knowledge and technology at our Campus in order to improve the safe and economic operation of the railways. Innovation and development are at fast pace in railways in China: Signaling, turnout and track technology require a continuous advanced education and training.

A variety of training courses are available for management level, workers, supervisors and engineers of railway operators and other related groups in China.

Predefined basic and advanced courses can be selected individually or combined in modules. All courses can also be tailor-made to the particular needs of railway operators.

Tailor-made trainings

We offer customized courses for your individual needs. Both course content and course agenda can be adapted and linked to your requirements.

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