Diagnostic and Monitoring Technologies for Rolling Stock (ASDEK)


  • Campus Sopot
  • Maciej Słojewski
  • Campus Sopot
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We offer comprehensive training in diagnostic maintenance of ASDEK-type DMTRS systems, including performing proper supervision and diagnostic activities, identifying faults and problems in the operation of systems.

Course Content

  • Functional division and types and construction of DMTRS devices
  • The principle of operation of equipment: functions and technical parameters
  • Issues of data teletransmission
  • Ie-3 Instruction
  • Maintenance and equipment operation process
  • Maintenance documentation
  • Discussion of maintenance activities and rules for locating equipment
  • Electrical installation in the container
  • Analyze measurement data and perform checks on the selected configuration
  • Assessment of the technical condition of equipment
  • Rolling stock components diagnosed by DMTRS devices
  • Methods for verifying malfunctions detected by DMTRS devices in rolling stock
  • IT applications in the system
  • Model seasonal/diagnostic inspection on equipment in the track

Target Group

  • Employees whose scope of duties is related to diagnostic service and supervision of correct realization of technical and diagnostic service of DMTRS failure detection systems based on ASDEK technology.


  • 16 hours of theoretical classes and exercises over 2 training days at training stations from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

  • 1 practical day in the field on a selected DMTRS system located at the Railway Department.

  • The duration of the full-day training includes coffee breaks and an extended lunch break. The training will include accommodation between training days (1 or 2) and full board for participants. Travel to/from Sopot on your own.


The training will be conducted at the company's headquarters in Sopot

Additional Information

  • Each participant will receive:
    • a certificate attesting to participation in the training,
    • basic package of training materials.