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Social activity

Our team celebrated the Centenary of the restored Lithuania thus encouraging our employees to love their country not by words, but by works. By expressing our view to citizenship we made Lithuania's flag out of hundreds of yellow, green and red ballons and let it fly high into the sky as well as had some quality time together while sharing memories and experience. Thanks to Juodsliai Silas gymnasium students of 8b class we've been pleased with some hand made gifts - postcard with Vilnius city symbols, candlestick and recited  poems.

We are fostering our employees' awareness and seek to bring together a team of volunteers who want and are able to contribute to a variety of volunteering activities. Our company's enthusiasts are visiting animal shelters, participating in the enviroment cleaning events, organizing various events for employees' children, contributes local school children safety by providing them reflectors and by spreading knowledge about safety on road.

...and, of course, we are waiting for Christmas, in order to fulfill the dreams of those children whose fate rewarded them less than others.