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Company history

Company was founded in 1995.

During 1996 we have produced first railway turnouts.  

In 1998 second workshop was builded.


During 1999-2000 we have implemented quality management system (EN IS 9001), enviromental management system (EN ISO 14001). 

In 2006, we implemented automatic wagon control stations in JSC Lithuanian Railways infrastructure  (VAE HOA/FOA and ATLAS). 

In 2007 we won "Product of the Year" award.  Our turnouts designing and producing field was certifiefd according to SD 13 (ACTUAL lst ts 2008) as well as EN 13232 standart requirements.


In 2008 first double crossover was manufactured, as well during the same year our company started to provide turnout monitoring services.

In 2012, first turnout with assembled drive, locking and detection components was installed. 



In 2013 our welding processes were certified according to the requirements of the standard EN ISO 3834-2: 2005.

In 2014 we have implemented employees health and safety system OHSAS 18001.  During the same year we have purchased 4 special platforms MPP-61, which are used for fully assembled turnouts delivery.

In 2017 company's production has been certified in accordance with Directive 2008/57 / EC of the European Parliament and Council of interoperability of the rail system within the Community.


In 2017 we produced first industrial turnouts for HPA (Hamburg Port Authority), which were highly rated by customers.

In 2018 we installed new milling machine MTE FBS-S8000 for turnout key components processing.

In 2019 we designed and produced special Interlaced tracks 1435+1520mm devices 60E1-300-1:11 and 60E1-927-1:18 with movable obtuse crossings for the Rail Baltica project (Kaunas-Palemonas).

In 2019 we produced first paved double slip (DKW) 60E1-212-1:9 turnout on concrete sleepers.

In 2020 we received a permit to operate special platforms MPP-61 for fully assembled turnouts on Latvian railways network.