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Warranty service

Depending on product, we offer:

  • 24 months warranty (5 periodic warranty maintenance);
  • 36 months warranty (7 periodic warranty maintenance);
  • Other (depending on customer needs).
Work performed during maintenance:
1) checking the main dimensions of the product:
  • gauge width,
  • switch rail closing to stud and slide chairs;
  • switch rail opening from stock rail; 

2) rail parts deterioration test;
3) preventive grinding;
4) verification and adjustment of an auxiliary equipment provided by manufacturer (in case if of non-manufacturer supplied equipment is used, equipment is maintained by Infrastructure manager's staff):

  • drives,
  • end position detectors,
  • spring setting devices,
  • double rods or other force transmition devices,
  • locking devices;

5) Check rails adjustment ;
6) Inspection and tightening of turnout fasteners.