Raw material, steels

In cold roll forming, a whole range of flat products is used.

These flat products can be implemented either in rolls or in plates (flanks).

These rolls are called coils, and strip when its width is less than 600mm. They are also called coils or mother coils before slitting.

We can process all types of carbon and stainless steels, from 0.15 mm to 12 mm thick, hot-rolled or cold-rolled steels, pickled steels, skin pass steels, galvanized or electro-galvanized steels, pre-painted steels, plasticized steels, up to one meter of bandwidth.

The different grades of steel are designated according to standards. For cold roll forming, we mainly use two standards:

  • EN 10111 : steels for stamping and cold forming.
  • EN 10025 : structural steels for general use.
For their supplies, voestalpine Profilafroid and voestalpine SAP work with large steel groups.The selection of our suppliers is made according to their catalogs and the market price.We have a connection to the rail network. For the reception of the steel coils, we can ask to our suppliers to send the coils by trucks and also by rail.