Propiclo concrete-free fencing system

Simple - Ecological - Resistant - Economical 

propiclo® is the reference for concrete-free fencing systems, with 20 000 kms installed in 20 years: halfway round the Earth !

  • Simple: Anchor post installation with a simple pneumatichammer, interlock post into baseplate, attach meshnetting by closing wire support.
  • Economical and fast: Up to 1 500 metres per day installed for long linear stretches.
  • Résistant: Use of very thick S 235 JR construction (5mm steel at the bottom of the connection of post with anchor).
  • Universal: Posts adapted to all types of mesh fencing rolls (precise positioning of latches, buckle fasteners available).
  • Suitable for all terrains: Can be installed in hard-to-access areas, with no concrete needed.
  • Durable: Hot-dip galvanization or thermo-lacquering, with a 10-year guarantee.
  • Ecological: No concrete, 100% recyclable, simple dismantling preserves greenfield sites.
  • Storage: Standard galvanized products in stock (post of 1.50 m, 2 m and 2.50 m).
  • Quality control: Steel graded according to NF EN 10025-2 standard. Roll forming according to NF EN 10162 standard. Hot-dip galvanization according to EN ISO 1461 standard. CE marking.
Propiclo fences system
Propiclo fences system without concrete