voestalpine Profilafroid and voestalpine S.A.P. are a key partners providing complex profiles to car parts manufacturers and structural elements to car makers. Approved automotive products ISO 9001 Certification

A titre d'exemple, nous produisons en profilage à froid des profils pour cache-bagages, stores enrouleur, vitrages latéraux, renforts de portières, toits-ouvrants et panoramiques, écrans thermiques. Nous étudions également toutes demandes selon votre cahier des charges.   

  • Coatings: paint, paint over galvanizing, coatings, Skin plate.
  • Logistics: possibility of EDI connection, delivery in "just in time". The packaging is studied on demand.
  • Quality Service : Approved automotive products ISO 9001 Certification.

Trucks, Trailers

For many years, voestalpine Profilafroid and voestalpine S.A.P. have been a key partner to heavy duty trucks and trailer manufacturers.

Steel profiles for truck elements

  • Profiled elements for trucks : Design and manufacturing of structural elements having very strict geometric tolerances. Lighter side/back protection elements with an ever more complex design.

Steel sections for trailers

  • We are manufacturers of internal or external structure profiles of certain body components, mechanisms for positioning and closing trailers. Our products include such parts as crossbars, rear under ride bumper, trailer borders, cyclist side guard, sliding poles, floor omega, corrugated floorboards and slats.

Steel qualities

  • Hot rolled high elastic limit steel quality S700MC, thickness up to 12 mm, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum. 
  • Parts completion and finishing
  • Punching, plasma cutting, plating, welding.


  • Paint, paint on galvanized coating, prepainted, carpet, hot dip galvanizing.


Steel profile for High Speed ​​Trains, subways, various trains ...

Profilés pour le ferroviaire


Steel profiles for cruise ships cabins.