Heavy-duty shelving and storage

Our profiles are delivered semi-finished (as they are, standard length...) or ready to use (cut at the required length, welded, shrink-wrapped).


  • Fully punched uprights or with punching meeting your specifications,
  • Beams: sigma or omega, C and interlocking profiles, racking beams, special beam…
  • Cross-bracing profiles,
  • Guide rails for trucks and handling robots,
  • Solid shelves with more than 50% perforated surface (sprinklers), special shelves,
  • Special hook profiles,
  • Metal sheet and platform components...


  • Hot rolled, high elastic limit steel, galvanized steel with a possibility for galvanized edges, pre-painted steel.


  • Punching, notching, welding.


  • Paint, hot galvanization.

Quality Service

  •  Checks, ISO9001 certification, implementing ever improving methods (SMED, 5S, AMDEC…).


  •  standard, particular, shrink-wrap.

Profilés de convoyage

In a world where goods are constantly on the move, a highly functional logistics system is essential for efficient trading.
voestalpine Profilafroid & S.A.P. are manufacturers of specific profiles for roller conveyors, transport and conveyor systems.