voestalpine Profilafroid & voestalpine S.A.P.

Roll forming machine
Roll forming machine

Our skills

Cold roll profiling of carbon steels and stainless steels with a production capacity that allows all kinds of manufacturing, from prototype to large series.
The productions from voestalpine Profilafroid and voestalpine S.A.P. consist of either semi-finished products, complex products or finished products designed by our engineering office covered by patents.
Innovation is part of the daily work of voestalpine Profilafroid and voestalpine S.A.P.Its customers are often a driving force.
  • Our corporate strategy: a legitimate European ambition based on know-how.
  • Our industrial strategy: it involves significant investments made permanently. To perpetuate and further develop the acquired experience and to always focus a spirit of anticipation, a key factor in the evolution of the manufacturing processes and applications.