The availability of magnetic data is crucial in the design of electric motors. The more precise and comprehensive the data included in the simulation are, the more practical the calculation results will be. New designs can be achieved and assessed without having to produce complex and cost-intensive prototypes. Particularly in the development of electric drives in the automotive sector, whether for hybrid or purely electric designs, this can save costs and reduce development time.

Magnetic flux density and flux lines in a permanent magnet synchronous machine, calculated with JMAG, sheet stacks made of isovac HP NO30-15 Y420

Thanks to collaboration between the R&D department of voestalpine and JSOL, one of the leading providers of simulation software for electrical machine design, the magnetic simulation data of isovac® grades have been included since the summer of 2020 in JMAG (version 19.1) for the performance of calculations (see link:

Alternatively, in addition to data sheets containing the most important magnetic and mechanical properties of our extensive range of isovac® grades, magnetic simulation data can also be downloaded directly from

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