Mission Statement

voestalpine High Performance Metals Africa is a subsidiary of voestalpine AG, an Austrian global organisation. The company ensures mutual respect for the ethnic and social specificities of our customers and our staff.


The excellent international reputation of our group, which voestalpine High Performance Metals Africa contributes to, is the result of the professionalism of all its staff, products and services. We will only be satisfied when:

  • We offer our customers the optimal solution to their problem.
  • All our potential customers will be ready to place their next order with us.
  • All our staff will be convinced that he/she lives in the best of all worlds.

Business Ethics

voestalpine High Performance Metals Africa has a responsibility towards its partners (customers, staff, suppliers, shareholders, companies) which is not limited to economic performance alone. We are fully committed to protecting the environment and improving the well-being of our staff.


Our customers are always the centre of our attention. Without them we would not exist

At voestalpine High Performance Metals Africa the main objective is therefore to help our customers make the most of their benefits by providing them with optimal solutions based on a long-term partnership. For this, it is essential to know their needs and provide them with the solutions that allow them to improve their competitiveness.


The success of voestalpine High Performance Metals Africa is based on powerful brands. They allow our identification by our customers and by our own staff. Our brand design allows us to optimally satisfy the specific needs of our customers.


At voestalpine High Performance Metals Africa, we anticipate and identify customer needs, and we satisfy them by providing them with materials, products and services that require a constant superiority in terms of quality. This goal requires perfect control of production, products and their applications, based on the most advanced technologies. Superiority in terms of quality implies permanent improvement of the entire value chain.


voestalpine High Performance Metals Africa is a company that is close to its staff.

  • We consider our staff to be an essential asset; they are the key to our success.
  • We encourage and guarantee its evolution within the company and the group.
  • We respect the individuality of our employees.
  • We are committed to treating them fairly and honestly.
  • Teamwork is the key to success. Our common goals set the limits of individual freedom.
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