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Engineered Products are ready-to-use, customized parts made from voestalpine premium materials. We design and manufacture our tailor-made Engineered Products with all necessary production steps such as machining, heat treatment and high-quality PVD coating.

These tailor-made products are designed using our extensive experience to optimize productivity and increase production efficiency. We offer Engineered Products for a wide variety of applications – mainly for high pressure die casting, plastic injection molding and food processing.

Depending on the requirement and application, we also offer metal additive manufacturing for our products. These innovative parts include all important features (e.g. conformal cooling) so that our customers can immediately use the finished part in a tool, machine or assembly with little or no final post-processing.

Our Engineered Products, enable higher productivity and lower total cost of ownership per part.

With additive manufacturing, we achieve lower cycle times and increased lifetimes in high pressure die casting and plastic injection molding applications.

Our Engineered Products, provide higher part quality and help reduce scrap rates, maintenance and machine downtime.


Discover our wide array of Engineered Products and find those which best fit your individual needs.

All Products
All Products


Each of our customers’ challenges is unique, and our years of experience in design, manufacturing and value added services have enabled us to develop finished, ready-to-use products that can be deployed in a variety of applications.

As a global solution provider for various industries, we offer high-quality Engineered Products for different segments and applications. Our experts have developed and designed these innovative, ready-to-use products to exceed industry standards.

Deep material knowledge, process understanding and design expertise are the main pillars of our tailor-made products which are designed to optimize productivity and provide a basis for increasing production efficiency.

Discover our product range for your specific application!

Die Casting
Die Casting
Plastic Injection Modling
Plastic Injection Modling
Food Processing
Food Processing


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