voestalpine Foundry Group has received its first large-scale 3D sand printing order.

3D-Druck Sandkern

Making the impossible possible.

When an urgent request came from a customer at the end of last year for the completion of his project, creativity and solution orientation were required. High-security parts for the new development of an electric railcar were needed within eight weeks, with a delivery time normally around 16-20 weeks.

The 3D sand printing competence center accepted the challenge and convinced the customer with full energy that the express implementation was possible. Within a very short time, the foundry at the Traisen site produced the required 64 high-security parts while maintaining the highest quality standards. The enthusiasm was not only great among the voestalpine team; the customer's feedback was also extremely positive. As a result, the entire large-scale order was won.

The 64 pieces originally ordered, which the team produced within a few weeks using the 3D sand printing process, became a full 1024 pieces weighing 120 kilograms each.

The voestalpine Foundry Group was able to position itself even more strongly as a premium supplier thanks to the intensive cooperation with the customer. Thanks to the outstanding quality and delivery reliability, the next projects are already in the planning stage, and the 3D sand printer is well used for the next one and a half years. A second printer with a larger space is already in the starting positions. 

More information about 3D sand printing technology can be found here.