Cast nodes for new danube bridge


The 115-year-old railway bridge in Linz, which was dismantled in August 2016 and rebuilt since July 2018, is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021. We are pleased that in addition to the 9,500 tons of steel delivered by voestalpine, 6 bridge nodes from the voestalpine Foundry Group are also part of the new bridge.

The six nodes with a component weight of over 16 tons, are casted in Linz. They are the connecting piece between the horizontal and V-struts of the arch structure and thus, as an essential part of the bridge, ensure safety and stability.

Facts about the new bridge
The new Linz Danube Bridge will be around 400 m long and up to 33.7 m wide. Two lanes, a second route for the tram-rail axis as well as sidewalks and cycle paths are intended to relieve traffic in the inner city of Linz.