The only true pioneer

colofer® is a true pioneer when it comes to protecting the environment and employee health and safety. As early as 1998, we developed an environmentally compatible method for the production of colofer® by completely eliminating chromium and chromate from the process, without compromising the excellent product performance and the length of guarantee periods.

Most environmentally compatible steelmaking plant

Active environmental protection is firmly anchored in our company philosophy. At least on a European scale, the voestalpine Group is the benchmark with regard to environmental parameters such as emissions and resource efficiency. We continually strive to improve energy efficiency in production processes and to keep up with technological developments in order to achieve the corresponding CO2 reduction effect.


voestalpine has been the recipient of various international awards and was the first steelmaking company to receive the Green Brands award for consistently ecological and sustainable acivity (2016). As one of the most sustainable companies in the steelmaking industry, voestalpine was named the Steel Sustainability Champion (2017) by the World Steel Association (worldsteel).

Environmentally compatible strip coating line

Each year, the colofer® strip coating line is among the best with respect to environmental parameters such as CO2 emissions, water treatment and energy consumption in the annual benchmarking analysis carried out by the European Coil Coating Association (roughly 90% of all companies in the industry and more than 50 strip coating lines are included in this survey).

Top performance

You don't have to choose between environmental protection and product performance. colofer® excels in both areas. Applications in RC 5 environments (coastal regions, industrial atmospheres) and guarantee periods of up to 40 years prove our point. We have progressed far along the learning curve and building on our vast experience, we are already working today on solutions for the requirements of tomorrow.