Are you currently using plastisol and considering converting to a more modern, flexible and resource-conserving alternative? Are you looking for a product that optimally meets your requirements in spite of its thin coating layer? Find out more about colofer® plus!


What is colofer® plus?

colofer® is the brand name for our organic-coated steel strip, and colofer® plus is the flagship material for ultimate functionality. The total coating thickness of 50 µm, best prematerial and comprehensive quality control lend colofer® plus its ideal properties for the most stringent applications.

colofer® plus provides the following customer benefits:

  • Narrowest bending radii up to 0T
  • Highest achievable UV resistance: RUV4
  • Highest achievable corrosion resistance: RC5
  • Longest guarantee period of 40 years
  • Production completely free of chromates

Your advantages when you convert from plastisol to colofer® plus