Nomen est omen. What would colofer® be without colors? What would architecture be without colors, effects and impressive surfaces? colofer® for roofs, walls and drainage systems offers the right function for every application, the right design for every taste. Immerse yourself in a world of beautiful and sustainable architecture!

colofer® VARIO

Our versatile all-rounder for indoor and outdoor applications combines aesthetics and functionality like no other product. A large variety of appearances and effects provide the basis for solutions that inspire.


Indistinguishable from the original! For a deceptively genuine appearance, selected designs have special 3D haptics.



The metallic look is created through the use of special metal pigments that cause a glossy effect and change nuances in color shades.


Through light refraction, the surface changes color and reveals different patterns that depend on the viewer’s perspective.

colofer® CLASSIC

The classic choice for outdoor applications features a high level of UV resistance (RUV 3) and an automatic guarantee period of up to 20 years. As a substrate, corrender provides additional corrosion protection.

colofer® ROBUST

Nomen est omen. This product is extremely resistant to scratching thanks to its special surface. Die hohe UV-Beständigkeit (RUV 4*) und Garantien bis 2.100 Meter Seehöhe ergänzen die einzigartigen Eigenschaften.

colofer® ROBUST RAIN

Like water off a duck's back. Specially developed for drainage systems, this product has excellent forming properties and is extremely resistant to scratching and corrosion (RC4).

colofer® MATT

Aesthetics meets function. Three different matt surface types, the highest degree of UV resistance (RUV 4) and automatic guarantee up to an altitude of 2100 meters.

colofer® MATT (facade edition)

Available structures

colofer® UV

Appearances are not deceiving. Thanks to its high-quality PVDF-A coating, this product features exceptional UV resistance (RUV 4). We automatic guarantees for up to an altitude of 2100 m.

colofer® UV matt

colofer® PLUS

Experts at every level. Excellent corrosion protection (RC5), highest reference values for scratch resistance (40 N) and UV resistance (RUV 4). Up to 40-year guarantee period and special guarantees for exceptional loads.

Available structures

colofer® properties

colofer® color service

Color courage. With our colofer® color service, we are able to reproduce a large number of additional colors. Whether it be RAL NCS, Pantone color matching systems or corporate identity guidelines, we offer a virtually unlimited color selection. We will be happy to reproduce any color on the basis of customer samples. Thanks to our high-precision measurement methods and detailed process knowledge, we can guarantee exact color matches.

colofer® technical support

Do you need support in making the right adjustments to your production lines? Do you want assistance selecting the right product? Do you need quick support in the event of problems? Our large pool of technical experts will be happy to assist you in any way.

Why colofer® and no other product?

Made in Austria, colofer® is the eco pioneer worldwide and impresses with unique properties that are documented by various certificates, thus providing customers with the assurance that they have made the right decision.