Structural Parts

Cutting-edge Forgings

The aerospace industry is one of the most demanding sectors as far as quality and reliability are concerned. As suppliers we attain the high standards set by our customers by consistently supporting them through innovation and our performance.

Producing structural parts with the lowest material input and the highest temperature resistance is a goal we reach by joining material expertise, with engineering expertise and manufacturing know-how.

We supply the main superstructure elements in the center wing box and other fuselage parts. The alloys used in these elements must stand up to the demands of those threshold ranges.

Forged on the world’s largest screw press, standing 19 meters tall with a pressing force of over 35,000 tons, voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace delivers close-contour forgings, strictly adhering to the customer-specific quality requirements.

We offer:

  • near net shape forgings
  • a high degree of flexibility in design changes with concurrent engineering
  • expert knowledge on all of the materials used
  • the production capacity for larger batches and amounts.


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