Engine Disks


It’s all about rotation

The demands placed on modern commercial airliner engines have been skyrocketing. Low weight and high temperature resistance are both imperative and critical. Manufacturers can only keep pace by relying on modern, innovative simulation and modelling processes. Such processes allow for the development of stable forging processes and an accurate prediction of the microstructure and the mechanical properties.

Leading OEMs and tier 1 suppliers put their trust the engine disks from voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace. Our engine disks come in all sizes and are used in the most diverse applications – from smaller helicopter engine disks up to large-sized engine disks at forged weights of well over 350kg.

Our portfolio of products ranges from low pressure turbine disks for regional jets and single aisles to the large LPT disks for long-haul aircraft and twin aisles.


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David Sallegger

Product Manager Engine Disks

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