Actively remembering, commemorating and learning

The educational opportunities of the museum

The exhibit is a place to remember, to adopt important values and to learn how to avoid prejudices. It it intended to provide youth with an opportunity for political discourse and critical thinking.

The following documentation is provided for preparation school for a visit to the historical museum.
Introduction for teachers and
work documents for students on the following topics:

  • NS race ideology, hierarchies of nationalities
  • Recruiting, transportation and arrival
  • Work, sabotage
  • Life in residential camps, despotism
  • Free time, medical care
  • Pregnancy/children
  • Sexuality
  • Escape, bombardment and liberation
  • Selection of images for analysis and interpretation
  • Thoughts on work (historical and current issues as the basis for student reflection on the meaning of work)

Concrete work tasks are not assigned, except for the last two topics. The teachers are free to give work assignments and select provided materials as they see fit in the context of their own didactics and pedagogical methods and tailored to the respective needs of the students and age groups.

It is recommended that two class units be dedicated to the material.

Project tours are offered to school groups comprised of up to 30 participants so that students have the opportunity to interact and discuss issues. School groups comprised of 30 or more students are given a station tour with elements of the project tour.

Please note: Educational materials for preparation in school classes and comprehensive information for teachers are available only in german language for the moment. Thank you for your understanding!


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