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The importance of metallographers for the quality assurance of our wire products

2023-11-13 | 

The metallographers at voestalpine Wire Rod Austria look at the smallest details of the wire, but never lose sight of the big picture.

They use microscopic methods to examine the structures and properties of metals and analyze 200 to 250 micrographs every day. Looking through the eyepieces of their microscopes, they enter a micro world in which they recognize and evaluate the shape, size and arrangement of the smallest components of wire products.

This attention to detail is necessary because voestalpine Wire Rod Austria works with over 400 types of steel, each with many different components.

The metallography department's expertise in assessing these microstructures is essential for the high quality standards of the products. Therefore, the metallographers at voestalpine Wire Rod Austria focus on both the small details and the big picture to ensure that the wire products meet the desired customer specifications.

The metallographers' main areas of responsibility include output control after rolling or annealing, cooperation with the customer and damage analysis, as well as support for research and development activities.

While keeping an eye on the smallest details, the competent metallographers at voestalpine Wire Rod Austria do not lose sight of future developments: After all, they are facing new challenges in the quality assurance with the decarbonization of the steel industry and the conversion and transformation of steel production at the Donawitz site.

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