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Environmental impact of six voestalpine Wire Technology products now certified

2023-06-20 | 

Good news from the field of sustainability - Six products from voestalpine Wire Technology receive EPD certificates

What is an EPD Certificate?


EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) are standardized, internationally recognized documents that contain information on the environmental impact of a product. 

An important component of EPDs is the carbon footprint, which indicates the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released during the manufacture, use and disposal of the product. A high carbon footprint means that the manufacture of the product has a significant impact on climate change.

The transparency we obtain through our EPDS is an important milestone in our sustainability strategy and a basis for the further optimization of our carbon footprint until we reach our goal of CO2 neutrality in 2035.

Stefan Obermoser, Head of Corporate Strategy and Sustainabilty

For voestalpine Wire Rod Austria GmbH, the following products have been certified with EPDs:

  • Drawn Wire – Cold Heading Wire
  • Drawn Wire - Prestressing Wire and Strand
  • Shaped Wire

For voestalpine Wire Austria GmbH, the following products have been certified with EPDs:

  • Wire Rod – Rolled
  • Wire Rod – Surface treated
  • Wire Rod – Annealed

The certificates are available for download in our Download Center or on the website of the IBU (Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.).

Performance in Sustainabilty

We take responsibility for society and our environment. Our corporate culture stands for building long-term partnerships and reliability on many levels. As early as the product development stage, we pay attention to the environmental footprint and maximum sustainability of our products. This is how we guarantee Performance in Sustainability.

Interested in further milestones of our sustainability strategy?

You can find more information here: 

Performance in Sustainability