Surface treatments are functional coatings for added value,

yet coatings should not only look good but must protect the steel from corroding. Technologies such as permanent sealing and functional priming are applied to achieve the desired properties. Find out which functional coatings are used for which application and which mechanisms lead to the respective functionalities.

Functional surfaces are substances that provide protection for the substrate or improve its properties and thus positively change the properties of steel surfaces. How the steel surface reacts to various environmental influences depends on the steel surface. By specifically changing the steel surface properties, the interactions can be steered in a certain direction. The result is functional surfaces that fulfil special tasks. Functional coatings are being used more and more frequently to produce special usage properties. Find the right surface treatment for your process.

All surface treatments at voestalpine are chromium-free, do not contain any other heavy metals and are completely free of hazardous substances. voestalpine is a pioneer when it comes to environmentally friendly and high-tech steel production and coatings and is often years ahead of applicable environmental standards.