Goodbye to fingerprints

Fingerprints give products a used look and reduce their value. With excellent anti-fingerprint properties, multiface® is a multifunctional, nearly invisible protective coating on hot-dip galvanized steel strip.

multiface® is a high-performance and sustainable sealing technology.

Do you need a sustainable and permanent premium sealant with outstanding anti-fingerprint properties, excellent formability and excellent corrosion resistance? Then multiface® is the product of your choice.

multiface® is a multifunctional, almost invisible sealant (thin organic coating = TOC) on hot-dip galvanized steel strip (Z). The excellent properties of multiface® make the product very versatile. It can be washed off with organic solvents, but not with alkaline cleaning agents. A tailor-made polymer matrix ensures highest corrosion stability, best formability, very good paintability and resistance to fingerprints (anti-fingerprint). Please see the EN 50979 standard for more information.


Typical multiface® applications

As a result of its excellent properties, steel strip coated with multiface® is suitable for a number of applications. voestalpine technical specialists would be pleased to provide information on further applications in other industrial segments in which the advantages of multiface® can play an important role.

Anti-fingerprint properties in comparison

Resistance to unpleasant fingerprints on high-quality surfaces made possible by multiface®. Anti-fingerprint properties protect clean surfaces and keep them free of any marks. They are an excellent seal.

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