Perfectly formed in a few process steps

Optimized steel for improved forming and additional benefits. Steel can be bent, printed and stretched into the most diverse and complex shapes. However, this usually requires oiling in the forming process at the customer. With the surface treatments of voestalpine, the steel is already optimally prepared for forming and now has additional advantages.

multiface® is a high-performance and sustainable sealing technology.

Do you need a sustainable and permanent premium sealant with outstanding anti-fingerprint properties, excellent formability and excellent corrosion resistance? Then multiface® is the product of your choice.

multiface® is a multifunctional, almost invisible sealant (thin organic coating = TOC) on hot-dip galvanized steel strip (Z). The excellent properties of multiface® make the product very versatile. It can be washed off with organic solvents, but not with alkaline cleaning agents. A tailor-made polymer matrix ensures highest corrosion stability, best formability, very good paintability and resitance to fingerprints (anti-fingerprint). Please see the EN 50979 standard for more information.


clearcover® is the sustainable and environmentally friendly passivation coating for hot-dip galvanized steel strip

Do you need a sustainable passivation coating with outstanding corrosion protection properties and very good processing characteristics? Then clearcover® is the product of your choice.

clearcover® is the new, sustainable and environmentally friendly passivation coating without chromium or chromium compounds. The passivation is also free of other heavy metals. The less than one μm thick inorganic coating on galvanized steel strip provides good storage and transport corrosion protection and supports formability and bondability in customer processes.

prelube2 for optimized tribology and excellent oil distribution

Do you want a corrosion protection oil that increases cleanliness in your production processes, enhances work safety, features improved tribology and is compatible with your downstream processes? Then prelube2 is the product of your choice.

prelube2 and its optimized tribology make it possible to work with less oil coating yet maintain the same level of formability, thus reducing oil leakage and oil redistribution on strip during storage. prelube2 has the potential to reduce the friction coefficient, prolong intervals for tool cleaning and make production cleaner. For the highest forming requirements, prelube2 is just the right choice. Whether in the automotive or any other industry, prelube2 offers you the possibility of making production even more efficient.


Forming properties in comparison

The main focus is on the dry forming of steel products, minimization of process steps and guaranteed work safety.

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