A perfect weld seam requires perfect preparation with a bevel that is adapted to meet the requirements. With state-of-the-art machines and a wide variety of processes, the shape-cutting facility precisely meets the needs of customers in the field of chamfering. Costly and time-intensive processing at the customer is no longer necessary.

PlasmaChamfering robotThree-torch cutting
Bevel heads312
Angle range0°–45° upper chamfer
0°–42° lower chamfer
15°–60° upper chamfer
30°–75° lower chamfer
15°–60° in 0,5° steps
Cutting zone6.150 x 27.000 mm2.000 x 8.000 mm8.350 x 27.000 mm
Thickness8 – 25 mm10 – 120 mm8 – 100 mm

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