Introduction to the sustainability of track


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Level: Basic


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  • Michelle Schönfelder
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[Translate to English:] Railway Systems Academy Seminar - Nachhaltigkeit
This Seminar will address issues of track sustainability and provide participants with a general understanding of this increasingly important topic. The course takes a holistic view of the topic but highlights the issue of the infrastructure's CO2 footprint and measures to reduce it. The contents range from basic definitions to process topics (manufacturing routes), CO2 footprints of products (e.g., rail, sleeper) and systems (e.g., turnout) to Life Cycle Assessments.


  • Introduction to CO2 footprint analyses
  • Differentiation between company level (Scope I, Scope II, Scope III) and product level
  • Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment LCA („cradle-to-gate” und “cradle-to-grave”)
  • Introduction to Environmental Product Declarations (Type III Environmental declarations)
  • Practical examples of CO2 footprints (components, systems)
  • Practical example for LCAs
  • Measures to reduce the CO2 footprint (on the process side, on the product side)

Target Group

Basic course for planners, constructors and maintainers of track and switch systems, site managers, project managers and processors, purchasers, track builders, railway engineers