Training around the topics of drives, lockings, detection systems, and signaling in the railway industry.

Trainings at the Railway Systems Academy

The complex world of railway industry requires advanced technologies and in-depth training to maintain high levels of safety and efficiency. Drives, lockings, detection systems, and signaling play a crucial role in this environment. But what happens if these important components fail or malfunction? The consequences can be catastrophic, from major delays to increased risk of accidents and even collisions.

We, the Railway Systems Academy at Campus Sainerholz, understand the complexity of these technologies, because we have the are access to a distinctive level of knowledge and experience directly at the source of the manufacturers' know-how. This manufacturer knowledge enables us to provide hands-on training using the latest technology, including experience of the entire life cycle of each component.

As specialist in drives, lockings, detection systems, and signaling technique equipment (also known as the DLD/S Competence Centre), we offer you first-hand knowledge! Our experts with many years of experience, offer direct access to their expertise, giving you a comprehensive understanding of of the application and operation of our products.

Our courses are designed to provide participants with theoretical knowledge and practical experience for your employees. The focus is on the maintenance and troubleshooting of these complex railway systems in a practical environment. In this way, we ensure that our participants are optimally prepared to meet the demands of modern railway operations.

Our training content is designed for different skill levels - from beginners to experienced experts:

Basic: Gain a comprehensive insight into the product portfolio of voestalpine Signaling Austria and voestalpine Signaling Sainerholz. Learn drive and turnout locking technologies for railway systems and get to know with our bonding systems, point machines as well as signaling technologies.

Advanced: This level includes theoretical and practical modules that enable training participants to apply their knowledge and carry out installation and maintenance work independently.

Expert: Master your knowledge to the expert level. This level of training goes beyond basic maintenance and installation tasks. Experts are able to understand system operation and functionality, perform troubleshooting and repair systems competently.

You can find an overview of the training courses we offer on these exciting topics here:




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