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Facade and wall structural systems

Construction system made of thin-walled C and U sections for structural components of façades on concrete/steel framework, for dividing walls in concrete or steel halls, and for trimmers used for skylights/windows in cladding of concrete/steel framework.

It is a fast-installation system, designed for the construction of inner and continuous walls, low detached buildings and high partitions.
The system has all the advantages of cold-rolled sections, such as extreme versatility, easy installation, high speed of the construction process and low weight of the final structure. It is ideal for low buildings and for projects where construction speed is crucial. Precisely designed lightweight components reduce the amount of handling on the site as well as waste of building materials. Individual members are usually transported to the construction site and assembled there. Components can be tailor-made according to the production documentation, or supplied in standard lengths and cut on site.

This system is a very versatile product with many advantages over traditional constructions:

  • system designed for fast construction process
  • lightweight construction reduces cost of the primary construction
  • possibility of cutting components on site, which allows to compensate for inaccuracies in the primary construction
  • advantageous on-site assembly from light-weight members at places with limited access
  • high level of accuracy
  • excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties once combined with external cladding; this can be further boosted by inserting insulation between the props.
  • the structure can support for most cladding materials
  • thanks to the rapid construction process, the building is soon protected against the weather
  • minimisation of wet processes on the construction site
  • no shrinkage or creeping typical for wooden frames
  • precisely designed components reduce the need for construction maintenance
  • design and technical support is provided throughout the construction process.