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Quality policy

The core business of voestalpine Profilform is the production of secondary steel structures and thin-walled steel sections, i.e. production of purlin systems, side rail systems, sections and pipes by means of multi-phase cold forming.

Our goal is to manufacture products that meet the requirements and expectations of customers and other stakeholders in terms of quality, delivery times and prices.

 The company is aware that guaranteeing high quality products is a basic prerequisite for achieving a stable position in both the domestic and international markets and thus ensuring economic prosperity and further development of the company.

The company management has declared the following quality policy:

  1. The requirements and wishes of our customers are paramount for us and their fulfilment is the shared responsibility of the company's management and all staff members. We want to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by providing products and services that they can always rely on. We monitor customer satisfaction and look for ways to increase the quality and efficiency of all processes and activities.
  2. We encourage the responsibility of each employee for the quality of their work and the results achieved. We support all initiatives and work activities leading to quality improvement.We assist in staff education and training to increase their skills and expertise in quality assurance and in the latest methods of quality management. Each employee is responsible for continuous improvement of their processes and job activities.

  3. We support continuous improvement of all processes and activities and the active participation of all employees. Quality assurance is an integral part of the company management. The senior management is responsible for promoting quality in all areas and on all levels of management.
    We comply with legal and stakeholder requirements relating to our processes, products and services.

 The company's management is committed to respecting and upholding the announced quality policy in its decision-making, and  to permanent provision of the necessary human, material, financial and information resources to assist economic sustainability. This policy will be further detailed into specific and measurable annual targets. 

To support the above quality policy, the company's management requires diligent work from each of its employees, performed with a high degree of personal responsibility and in line with the procedures stipulated in the documentation of our quality assurance system.