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About the company

General information brochures about voestalpine Profilform s.r.o.

METSEC construction systems for secondary steel structures

Technical manuals for the design and installation of METSEC systems for secondary steel structures such as purlins, side rails, trimmers in roofs and walls, load-bearing components of ceilings, floor beams, etc.

METSEC structural system for mezzanine floors

Technical manual for design and installation of mezzanine floors for warehousing halls.

Profilform DESIGNER software

Installation kit of our proprietary software for stress analysis and design of our structural components. The software is protected by the Zentitle licensing system by Nalpeiron, the following procedure must be followed for installation:

1. Register as a user, i.e. send the following information to After verification of your registration information, you will be sent a username and a password to run the software after installation.

  Registration data:

     - Name + surname

     - Company name and address

     - E-mail address

     - Telephone contact

2. Download the installation kit and install it.

Thin-walled steel sections

Information brochure presenting the technical possibilities of our production of predominantly open thin-walled sections.


Certification according to EN1090

Certification according to EN ISO 9001