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Unistar HR Power Switch Machine

The unique design of the UNISTAR HR provides safe and reliable operation and the utmost in flexibility. The power unit (containing the motor) and the DLD (drive, locking, point detection) unit are split into two individual compartments that are linked hydraulically. This allows for versatile configurations to accommodate tight clearances (such as on bridges and in tunnels) and with wood, composite or concrete tie turnouts.

Furthermore, a single power unit is capable of operating multiple DLD units situated along the switch points in a larger turnout, or at the switch points and at a moveable point frog on the same turnout. All of this is accomplished through the single interface from the power unit to the signal system. This means that a turnout with a single power switch can be upgraded to include a moveable point frog with no changes to the signal system.


  • Submersible (IP67 certified)
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Adjustable switch point opening
  • Low profile design
  • Installation on top of concrete ties, inside hollow steel ties or between ties
  • Can be retrofitted to existing turnouts