voestalpine Nortrak is dedicated to upholding the highest principles of quality and safety.

From a component supplier to a system provider

Complete solutions from one supplier are increasingly in demand. Therefore, Nortrak strives to develop new products as system components and to open new service areas within the value-added chain. This includes strategic partnerships to optimize our prospects of adding, value to our customers' operations.

voestalpine Nortrak Quality Policy

Product quality is core value of voestalpine Nortrak as demonstrated in its “PRIDE” quality policy:

voestalpine Nortrak is committed to fulfilling our customer's expectations by providing quality products at the right price, delivered consistently on time. This is achieved by:

  • Proactively working to address and solve problems
  • Rigorously complying with specifications and quality standards
  • Improving processes products and technical competence on a continual basis
  • Doing what we said we would do – every time
  • Encouraging open and constructive dialogue with customers

The customer is the primary focus of voestalpine Nortrak's quality philosophy. It is only through the free and constructive exchange of ideas that joint success can be assured.