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Each ACM counting module is connected directly with up to 6 axle counters. This can be duplicated to 12 axle counters by using two ACM counting modules connected by modem.

Using this connection, it is also possible to divide the counting section to enable - for example - the monitoring of the counter data and the status (free/occupied) of a single-track section on two stations.


In addition to reporting the counting data, the UNIAC1 System provides a wide range of diagnosis possibilities within the Advanced Diagnostic Module (ADM). This Module is not only equipped with a standard Ethernet interface, which reports all states of the card and the historical data of the system, but also with a secure Ethernet interface. Using the secure protocol, it is possible to establish a direct Ethernet connection to head controllers and signal boxes.


The axle counter is mounted with a rail clamp, easily positioned via two axis alignment on the clamp. The axle counter evaluation modules (ASM) are self calibrating.