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Turnouts - Transit Systems

voestalpine Railway Sytems Nortrak has the experience to design and manufacture special trackwork for Light Rapid Transit (LRT) and streetcar-type operations in accordance with international standards, AREMA or specific customer requirements.

This application includes turnouts, diamond crossings and complex layouts such as Grand Unions using grooved rail or tee rail sections and in all required gauges. voestalpine Nortrak's "Meter Design" family of turnouts directly addresses requirements for standard European turnout geometries having a radius of 20, 25, 50, 75, 100 and 150 metres. This general design concept development by Nortrak is also compatible with turnout geometries with 100, 150, 190, and 200 foot radii.

Turnout designs include switches with AREMA-style tongue and mates, double tongues and European-style double flexive tongues and SGM, RBM or WBM (Welded Boltless Manganese) frogs. Frogs may be tread or flangebearing. Guarding varies from standard, single or double guarding. To provide for electrical isolation, designs have included voestalpine Nortrak POLYQuik® P-480 encapsulation and POLYQuik® High Performance Rail Grout . voestalpine Nortrak also manufactures leveling beams for setting the trackwork before embedding it.

Nortrak offers plug and play turnout solutions which include fully Buy America compliant VDV-style double flexive tongue switches, voestalpine Signaling switch machines for embedded track, leveling beams and POLYQuik® P-480 and High Performance Rail Grout for encapsulation and grouting. Nortrak can provide wheel/rail interface analyses to confirm trackwork designs that will perform optimally with the wide variation in vehicle wheel profiles, truck configurations, track gauge and flangeway widths.

  • Various turnout designs available in AREMA or European-style
  • Standard Designs to minimize lead times
  • Available in various rail weights
  • Optional PolyQuik® P-480 Encapsulation
  • Optional PolyQuik® High Performance Rail Grout
  • Leveling beams
  • Low maintenance designs
  • Buy American compliant, if necessary.
  • Wheel/Rail interface analyses
  • Large customer base