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Turnouts - Optimization

Traditional turnout construction utilized in North America has been driven by AREMA and railroad internal guidelines and standards that have changed very little since the early 1900’s. These designs were largely constrained and limited by design tools and manufacturing methods common to the era.

Computerized design, modeling, analysis and machining have allowed us to look at a whole new world of special trackwork. Using these tools we can now see how the special trackwork will react before we ever make the first part. This encourages the optimization of turnout performance to address specific issues and loads.

Turnout optimization is driven by three general criteria:

  • Increase speed through the turnout.
  • Improve ride comfort while passing over the turnout.
  • Reduce the stress state of the turnout reducing loads and wear on components.

Optimization is accomplished by balancing these three requirements.

With the advanced tools we now have at hand to design, analyze, model and manufacture special trackwork, the performance can be optimized to suit specific applications and conditions without adversely impacting the price.