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SafeGuard Guard Rail Fastener

US Patent No.: US 11,168,446 B2

Many convential guard rail fastening systems employ an e-clip under the guard bar, which requires an installation employee to swing a hammer in a confined space. This places the employee's hand directly in the line of fire, and unless the hammer strike fully engages the eclip, risks "springing" the clip with enough force to strike nearby employees. The SafeGuard system removes this risk by eliminating the e-clip fastener under the guard bar:

  • Safe and simple installation
  • No need to put hand in line of fire
  • No risk of projectile fasteners
  • No hammer or special tools required al all

Proven Performance with Reduced Injury Risk

  • Toe load equivalent to existing fastener designs
  • Passed extensive fatigue teset (>40 million cycles)
  • Thousands installed in Class I service
  • "Buy America" compliant