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RACOR® Switch Stands Sealed Column Switch Stand 31-B

voestalpine Railway Systems Nortrak's 31-B is similar to the 112 switch stand, except that it uses a sealed design, keeping the spindle free of ice and snow, allowing the stand to throw freely in winter conditions.

Long Life Components

The 31-B switch stand is an extremely rugged, column type, machine switch stand with a body casting made of ductile iron and the spindle and hard lever of forged steel.
Simplicity of Design

Adjustment of the throw is provided by the crank eye, thereby permitting the accurate setting of the switch points, and adjustment without moving the switch stand on the ties.

The hand lever is thrown parallel to the track on either the left of right side of the switch stand, thus safeguarding the operator. It cannot become disengaged due to its novel design.

Additional protection is provided against dropping of the spindle.