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RACOR® Switch Point Lock

voestalpine Railway Systems Nortrak's newly redesigned RACOR® Switch Point Lock is used to protect main track switches during passage of a train and ensure that the switch will remain closed in the case of failure of any parts normally holding the switch in position or in case the switch stand is demolished by some foreign object hurled by or from the train. Therefore, it is particularly recommended for switches near highway crossings.

  • The Switch Point Lock is entirely independent of the Switch Stand. 
  • The Lock Rod and the lock release are entirely below the top of the tie. 
  • The lock base extends less than 1" above the top of the tie. It is designed with rounded edges with recessed holes for screw spikes, presenting a streamlined surface over which foreign objects will slide rather than catch ensuring the device will remain attached to the tie in the event of an accident. 
  • The Switch Point Lock is released by depressing the Switch Stand Pedal and secured using the same Switch Stand Padlock Lock. The operation of the Switch Stand in combination with the Switch Point Lock is identical the Switch Stand alone and completely automatic. 
  • The Switch Point Lock is supplied with a right hand and left hand replacement Switch Stand Pedal and with a right hand and left hand Switch Point Lock to either side off the head block ties of a right hand or left hand switch attached to either the near point or far point. The left over Pedal and Drop Lug are discarded upon completion of the installation. 
  • The length of the supplied Lock Rod is adjustable so that when the Switch Point is closed the Lock Plunger will snap into the slot in the Lock Rod securely locking the point closed.