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RACOR® Hydraulic Switch Machine

By teaming our proven RACOR® 22 switch stand design with our Hydraulic Switch Machine, you can speed yard and terminal operations while reducing costs.

The switch points may be controlled from a remote location using Yard automation software, or via a push button located on the machine. In the event of a power failure, the switch points may be thrown through normal manual stand operation.

The RACOR® Hydraulic Switch Machine is furnished with a hand lever disconnect switch which protects the operator during hand throw operation by automatically disconnecting power to the hydraulic unit. During a trailing movement, the switch points are opened by the wheel flanges, and the throw is completed automatically by the RACOR® 22 switch stand, without engaging the hydraulic unit.


The RACOR® Hydraulic Switch Machine 

This extra heavy-duty switch stand is recommended for hump operations and busy switch turnouts where switches are often trailed. Designed to be hand or automatically thrown, it is ideal because of its rugged construction and accurately adjustable throw. When thrown automatically, the target or lamp rotates so that the position of points is indicated while the hand lever remains stationary.

In power operation, switch point closure is always assured. The internal logic allows the detection of point obstructions which would prevent closure and automatically returns the switch points to their original position.

The Hydraulic Switch Machine features modular design and construction, which greatly reduces track down time in the event that repair or replacement of parts is necessary. The state of the art hydraulic and electrical components are all readily available from NORTRAK®.