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FA 140 Bonded Standard Direct Fixation Fastener

The FA 140 fastener is part of the FAntom series of fully vulcanized rubber bonded direct fixation fasteners for standard track.

The FA 140 is specially designed for transit operations.



  • Standard North American anchor pattern with a 1 - 7/8" rail seat height and 1:40 cant.
  • containment design provides fail safe stability while offering a range of stiffness options for optimal attenuation
  • Innovative design features reduce rail seat plate stress and rubber strain compared to typical sandwich style fasteners
  • Serrated adjustment features allow for up to 1 inch of adjustment in incrementes of 1/8 inch
  • Available in versions for slab track and wood crosstie applications
  • All parts designed, tested and manufactured in the USA, and backed by voestalpine's >40 year experience in bonded fastener manufacturing