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Diamond Crossings - Solid Manganese Design

voestalpine Railway Systems Nortrak has over a quarter century of experience designing and building solid manganese diamond crossings to meet any variety of functional requirement. Solid manganese diamond crossings are suitable for a variety of applications including transit, reduced volume / speed railways, pavement embedded crane rail crossings and others.

As each crossing is unique, you can rely on Nortrak's design department to provide the knowledge, experience and tools to design a crossing which meets all our customer's needs and expectations. Nortrak is in a unique position to control all facets of the diamonds production including 3D design, patterns machined from the digital model and high solidity manganese castings poured in our ISO certified foundry.

Nortrak can provide solid manganese diamond crossings per AREMA standard or with non standard features, as desired by the customer to enhance the service life including x‐ray confirmed soundness of manganese castings, explosive hardened running surfaces, corner batter pads and wheel flange bearing to eliminate transfer impacts. All castings are machined by CNC equipment to ensure accuracy and consistency. Some of the design requirements to be considered are:

  • Number of diamond, Angle of Intersection and line (straight or curved).
  • Style of manganese castings, whether flange bearing and/or explosive hardened.
  • Rail size and profile, type of plating, ties and tie layout.

Nortrak's long experience with Solid Manganese Diamond Crossings will ensure a dimensionally accurate product of high quality and long service life. Nortrak services which ensure product satisfaction include:

  • Design experience and tools such as 3D modeling and Finite Element verification.
  • Nortrak's ISO certified manganese foundry with CNC pattern routing from 3D models.
  • Diamond crossing components machined and assembled by proud US employees at one of Nortrak's ISO certified trackwork plants.