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Diamond Crossings - Manganese Insert Design

Reversible manganese Diamond Crossings have long been the choice of Class I railways and voestalpine Nortrak has an impressive history of producing quality AREMA style and proprietary Straight Rail Reversible (SRR) crossings.

Both AREMA and SRR style crossings can be used over a wide range of intersecting angles and share the ability to present new wear surfaces by changing the corner placement of the manganese insert in the diamond assembly. Nortrak ensures a long crossing lifecycle by controlling the internal quality of the manganese castings, adding batter pads to wheel transfer points, precision CNC machining inserts and explosive hardened
running surfaces.

The Straight Rail Reversible Diamond Crossing is unique in that the diamond is made up of 16 cast manganese inserts rather than the typical 4 and utilizes intermediate straight rails (hence the name) to interlock the corner in the diamond assembly. Precision CNC machining ensures interchangeability of rails and inserts, both typical AREMA and SRR designs, throughout the diamond assembly when both intersecting lines are tangent which can greatly assist in the long term maintenance of the installation. The interconnect rails of the SRR reversible diamond crossings can have straight or angled end cuts or utilize Nortrak's low impact rail to casting

Regardless of the style of diamond crossing you choose, AREMA or SRR, Nortrak's extensive experience with Reversible Manganese Diamond Crossings will ensure a dimensionally accurate product of high quality and long service life. Nortrak services which ensure product satisfaction include:

  • Design experience and tools such as 3D modeling and Finite Element verification.
  • Nortrak's ISO certified manganese foundry with CNC pattern routing from 3D models.
  • Diamond crossing components machined and assembled by proud US employees at one of Nortrak's ISO certified trackwork plants.