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Diamond Crossings - Full Flange Bearing

In order to mitigate impacts and reduce maintenance requirements one solution is the full flange bearing crossing, which as the name implies, allows the wheel flange to bear the train load for a short time and allow the wheel tread to cross over the flangeway without ever contacting the top surface of the crossing insert.

The full flange bearing crossing is designed for flange bearing transitions over all approach directions. The benefit of the design is dramatic reduction of the dynamic loads on the crossing inserts, joints, plates, fasteners, and ties. However, in order to raise the wheel tread above the running surface, the flangeway depth must be decreased to a point where the track is classified as Class 1. The result is an inherent speed limit of 10 MPH through any crossing of this type.


• Manganese steel inserts
• No wheel impact on castings
• Integrated raised guard over flange bearing areas
• Solid frog design minimizes bolt count

Technical Specs:

• Meets or exceeds all AREMA specs except flangeway depth
• Explosion hardened to exceed 352 BHN (if specified)
• Welded or bolted joint configurations
• Several rail weights and crossing angles possible (contact us for more details)
• 10 MPH maximum speed