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Diamond Crossings - Double Slip Switches (DSS)

A Double Slip Switch (DSS) connects a series of parallel tracks to allow a train to cross over on to any track no matter which direction it is going. A train approaching the arrangement may leave by either of the two tracks on the opposite side of the crossing. Typical locations for DSS are in terminal yards and passenger stations in large cities, where rail right-of-way is limited.

Double slips enhance the passenger train operation by allowing trains to enter a station on a few tracks and switch to multiple platforms with ease. voestalpine Nortrak has advanced the general AREMA design by using modified geometry and implementing many other design features to improve ride quality and prolong service life and maintenance cycles.


  • Custom designed to specific standards
  • Applicable to all classes of track
  • Multiple plant locations for geographic convenience

Technical Specs:

  • Able to install on wood ties , concrete ties or direct fixation
  • High grade material for wear resistance
  • Various improvements to switch and frog design to improve ride quality or prolong service life and maintenance cycles