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Concrete Turnout Ties

All voestalpine Railway Systems Nortrak concrete ties are produced using a state of the art manufacturing system. Advantages include:

  • Reduced maintenance, excellent gauge holding and consistency
  • Longer component lifespan, greater lateral and vertical strength
  • Wider tie spacing provides better access for switch gear and tamping
  • Can be engineered for specific applications, speed, and traffic
  • Can be engineered and produced for a wide variety of special trackwork and fastening components
  • No creosote handling and no predrilling
  • No warped, twisted, or split ties
  • No plate cutting or spike kill issues and less labor to install versus wood

See brochure for Technical Characteristics

The in-house production enables Nortrak to be in complete control of the design, fabrication, continuous improvements, and delivery of concrete turnout ties for customers.

Nortrak supplies three primary types of concrete turnout ties as follows:

  No Crack Weight  
Type RS+ Strength per Foot Height
Heavy Haul 390+ in-kips 115 10-3/8"
NE Corridor 415+ in-kips 100 9"
Transit 218+ in-kips 85 8"

All ties are manufactured with state-of-the-art production processes and equipment using only the best quality materials in a plant that is both PCI and ISO 9001 certified.

Concrete 28 day compressive strengths exceed 10,000 psi and all raw materials are chosen to provide excellent long term ASR, structural, and environmental durability. Regular and thorough testing ensures ongoing product quality.

Our flexible production system and staff of experienced engineers allows us to produce ties for any turnout geometry required and for any standard fastening system available.

Our experienced sales and technical staff can help you choose the best tie type for your railroad, railroad yard, port, or unique application and we look forward to the opportunity to supply concrete turnout ties for your next project.