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ClickTite™ Rail Brace

The ClickTiteTM brace was specifically developed for panelized turnouts, supporting the most efficient method of turnout installation:

  • Allows pre-assmbled turnout panels to be lifted and carried into place while facing forces five times normal service loads
  • Provides secure clamping force to prevent stock rail from rolling out of seat (and subsequent loss of ties) during installation
  • Clamping ability not limited to clamping force of e-clip

How it works

Unlike traditional brace designs that rely upon the clamping force of an e-clip to secure the rail, the ClickTite brace uses a Tapered Wedge to apply the primary clamping force. As the Tapered Wedge is driven underneath the lip of the brace, it causes the brace to pivot toward the rail and apply a downward force onto the rail base.

While the ClickTite design also contains an e-clip, in this case it is used merely to secure the Serrated Washer. With serrations on the bottom and front surfaces, the Serrated Washer interlcoks with the serration on the brace and the Tapered Wedge. This interlocking keeps the brace and Tapered Wedge from disengaging and thus allows the brace to apply consistent load onto the rail base.

This design creates a rigid fit between the brace and the stock rail resulting in no lost motion or spring force to overcome. As a result, rail roll-out resistance is increased substantially.